About Us

Aspect 9's leadership team believes that close customer engagement is the key to success. You can reach any of us directly via the links below.

For general inquiries, please email info@aspect9.com.

Brian Glick, President

After 11 years of building supply chain management software for some of the world's largest companies, Brian realized that small and medium-sized businesses need great tools too.

With that in mind, he founded Aspect 9. His ongoing goal is to distill supply chain management software down to its core elements and deliver them in a simple and easy to use tool.

You can reach Brian at bglick@aspect9.com, on Twitter at @bglick, or directly at +1-215-821-6595.

Mel Ramos, VP Sales & Marketing

Mel has been working to match companies with the right manufacturing & supply chain software solutions for the past 12 years. He is passionate about developing relationships first and only delivering solutions once trust and credibility have been established.

You can reach Mel at mramos@aspect9.com.

John Claus, VP Development

John loves building great software. Over his 10 years working on advanced data driven applications in the finance, social networking, and supply chain domains, he has learned that doing things the "right" way the first time, always pays dividends down the road.

John is an avid proponent of early testing and high quality deliverables. Under John's guidance, Aspect 9 takes a simple, yet conservative approach to software development that helps us avoid the trappings of the latest fads.

You can reach John at jclaus@aspect9.com or on Twitter at @johnclaus.